What's Next?

Shaun Lumachi - a good friend to many in the chamber of commerce business - took a new position as God's Chief of Staff 1 year ago today. Shaun always used to ask me, "What's next?"  We miss him a lot.  In memory of Shaun, here's what's next in 2013.

Since my book, REMEMBERSHIP - New Thinking For Tomorrow's Membership Organization, first came out in 2011, the feedback has been amazing.  Many thank you notes from strangers and friends alike are convincing evidence that you needed this for your organization.

REMEMBERSHIP has traveled far and wide -- farther and wider than I ever could in 18 months.  A friend of mine even saw someone reading it in her hotel lobby while she was on vacation in Florida.  That's a fun story, but better than that is knowing the hundreds of organizations who have given copies for their entire staff boards in preparation for some trans-formative board retreats.

If you haven't read it yet, here's a link to download a free copy - no strings attached.  Feel free to share it.

In 2013, I'm publishing my next book -- Doing Business On The Moon - 52 Business Tips From Experts You've Never Heard Of.  And that's not all.  A 2nd Edition of REMEMBERSHIP is in the works, along with a special "1 Page" Edition you'll love, and an audiobook, too.

I'm not done yet: Also beginning in 2013, I'm launching a full-day business training program called Marketing U.  This curriculum is based on feedback received after years of delivering programs all over the U.S. and Canada for small businesses and organizations.  For a flier of each, click on your choice:

The tour begins in my hometown on January 8th. If you're interested in bringing me to your chamber of commerce in 2013 for this informative -- and profitable -- full day training, then hit me up.