Let's Play Follow the Leader

You're the leader. Go.

What will you teach your tribe? Will you create the culture or nurture it?

Generosity is the best and worst part of leadership. When you give charge of something important to someone you have not equipped with all the information and understanding needed to lead, you have hurt your partner in the exercise.

My leadership degree is a gift from my favorite boss, the late Mike McLaran. He was generous in a unique way. He asked questions and created transparency in his management approach so that everyone knew our challenges and opportunities. He gave meaning to the work, which means none of us worked for the company; we worked for him. I would have followed him anywhere, if he let me. I miss my friend.

Mike would show us how to lead rather than let Successories do it in sound bites, but he occasionally shared leadership examples in someone else's voice. My personal favorite gave me great insight into the success or failure of so many of my own projects.

Teaching others how to follow sounds simple enough, but it's really about appreciating why you have a tribe. When you understand this, give simple instruction, then let them fill in the blanks. Micro-managers have a tough time with this one.

If you live life in a generous way, you'll know by all the copycats you create.