16 Days of Speaking, Consulting, Cruising & Reflecting

Day 1 of 16 on the road. Nothing like getting 3,000 miles from home and realizing what you forgot to take care of before you left. Also, I miss Wyatt already. Also, super excited for this trip. Also, 16 days is a long time. Also, SEX/K got the upgrade.

Day 2: Sarasota Florida today, where its been validated, this feeling I've had for years, that my content isn't Chamber content. It's business content with a NGO vocabulary. Lots of new fans here from all over North America. Heading to a conference in Fort Lauderdale tonight. Sunny and 90.

Day 3: I spent the day with amazing people today, the third of a 16-day tour of the southeast. Met Jay Berkowitz who is a digital marketing legend since Zuck was in high school. Maybe middle school.

I met a fiction author I will describe only as the next generation's Stephen King. His name is Sean Platt. Look him up. He puts out a book a week. A. Book. A. Week.

I met JB Glossinger, who is among a very select few being paid to podcast daily. morningcoach.com.

After someone told me the coconuts would not fall from the palm trees at the outdoor bar, a coconut fell near me and I took the opportunity to drink coconut water. I might die tonight. The inside of that coconut didn't look healthy.

Met a couple of brilliant entrepreneurs from Switzerland, a Floridian Brit or British Floridian and a Facebook friend I'd never met in person from 3,000 miles away. They are each doing amazing things in business and life... Such as a lifestyle design conference in Zurich and Warsaw. 


Day 4: I'm in a room with 50 people. Among them Randy Gage, Matt Kramer (lead singer of Saigon Kick "Love Is On The Way") and Share from Vixen.

"You are the front man for your life, your business, your book, your band or album. You don't have time for stage fright. Act like the front man. Throttle up. It's a job, and your job is to make it look exciting.

"If you don't hit it, nobody gives a shit because you didn't get their attention. When you chose to be the front man, you'll throttle up. And you'll get off the stage and poor sweat out of your boots and say, 'Yeah, I nailed that shit.'"
- Matt Kramer, Saigon Kick

Day 5: I got naked at the airport. My friend Daniel from Switzerland showed up at the summit yesterday with a 1 liter bottle of Naked Green Machine smoothie and drank it throughout the day. As disgusting as it looks, he was convincing me that it tastes delicious.

Since the Hilton gave me free breakfast all weekend to make up for checking me into a room where a dude was already in my bed (awkward), I grabbed some complimentary Naked on my way to the airport. Gotta tell ya, this stuff is amazeballs. This is my new travel juice.


I'm off to Georgia where my friend April tells me my hotel room has something waiting for me. Now that's a nice way to travel.

Day 7: I didn't have time to post yesterday because I spent all day with a great team rethinking their organization. Cool Georgia community with lots of great people and tons of potential. Here's what we talked about at dinner last night: Oregon, food, business, food, food, business, football, food, SEC, food, business, food, dessert, Savannah, restaurants in Savannah, food, breakfast, planning a retreat in Savannah, food, coffee.

Today is my first day off. Sadly, I woke up at 6, ready to go before my alarm. After I swing by the office to thank the team, me and my audio books are driving to Savannah, Georgia. It's been on my bucket list for a decade and I'm staying at a Kimpton (fav) on the river. I'm looking forward to walking the historic downtown and taking it all in. I imagine all the southern belles wear floppy hats and I will tip my hat and say "Mawnin Miss" to each of them. I should have brought more hats.

Today the voice of my buddy Shaun is in my head saying, "What's Next?" Well, I have a what's next and I will sketch it out this week as I savor a night in Savannah, followed by a night in Charleston, followed by 5 nights cruising the Bahamas. Maybe I will start it on the cruise. Maybe I will finish it.

To be continued...