Double Double

Well, Google thinks I'm never coming home. Tried to add something to my calendar in Pacific Time and it asked, "Wait, what?"

It's been an epic summer gig season and I love what I do. My clients tell me it shows and that makes me smile. 

I tallied up my overnights on the road for 2015 and it's equal to 2013 and 2014 combined. I'm sure it's been good for me but I think that's a maximum for me. I won't pursue more than this. In fact, I'm building my training programs online to allow me to travel less for work, although I doubt I will turn it away. I love what I do and I will travel until I don't. 

I've been blessed to meet up with and work with so many friends this summer on projects, businesses and speaking gigs... and I've had an awakening in my own business which gives me a fresh look at a previously stale pathway. Sometimes it takes an old friend -- or five of them -- to kick your ass. Read Double Double to learn more about the ass-kicker. 

And today as I take the early flight home I'm thinking mostly about 2 people: my amazing younger human Wyatt and my niece Mae, who I get to meet for the first time in 10 hours.

The little ones in our lives keep us grounded... After all, they don't care about our businesses, careers or heartaches or big wins. They only care how we make them feel when we are present. So whenever you are with them, be there.

If you're noticing that my blog is taking a much more personal turn, it's intentional. What better way to get to know what I'm all about? 

This has been a year of change for me on many levels and I'm looking inward. I'm spending more time alone when I'm not with Wyatt or clients. I'm beginning to wonder if there's a correlation between my effort to be more transparent and the breakthroughs my clients have had. I suspect they are related, but I'm still searching for evidence.