The transition from presenter to speaker

I had left my laptop's charger in the conference room of my client's office without realizing it. I was at the DFW airport, working on the next day's presentation on my way to Indiana, when my battery went dead and I realized my mistake.


My entire career flashed before my eyes. "They will know that I'm nothing without PowerPoint," I thought to myself. At that time in my career I was not a speaker. I was a presenter. And without PowerPoint, I had no power and no point.

Time for Plans B and C. Never had them before.

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Double Double

Well, Google thinks I'm never coming home. Tried to add something to my calendar in Pacific Time and it asked, "Wait, what?"

It's been an epic summer gig season and I love what I do. My clients tell me it shows and that makes me smile. 

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America's Pitch Tank promotes innovation, entrepreneurship

Kyle Sexton and the Original Shark Kevin Harrington are looking for entrepreneurs ready to take their pitch to a bigger stage, America’s Pitch Tank, which was created to position chambers of commerce in the innovation and entrepreneurship space.

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