Your strengths make you unique

Most annual job performance reviews I've heard about ended up focused on a persons weaknesses. If your strengths are what makes you unique, your energy is better spent making your strengths stronger instead of shoring up shortcomings. Chances are good that you enjoy things you're good at, and you're not good at things you don't like. Seems simple enough.

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Turning Social Media Into Business Media - A book by marketing strategist Kyle Sexton

A book is more than paper. These days, there's  a good chance it isn't paper at all.

A book is an idea. It's a package for your idea, even. Your book doesn't need to be about you or someone you know, but many of them are.

My first book had me in the middle of it. The stories were fuel for my manifesto.

My newest book is different. It makes a promise: You can read and understand the issue in 30 minutes or less.

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Business, community and co-working

Ignition is a process you probably don't think much about. Turn a key or push a button and an interconnected series of calibrated systems go to work. In your work, maybe you're part of the system, but that doesn't mean you can't take your turn at the ignition from time to time. Push the button. Poke the Box.

Starting something is exciting. Some get hooked on ideas more than action. I have had my share of ideas that didn't take off, and believe that in order to have more good ideas, you should have more bad ideas.

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