Breaking Business With A Razor

If you're going to follow a leader, make sure that leader is doing it right.

So many businesses are trying to be louder by being softer.  You soften your message to gather a larger audience, then you use more exclamation points to break through the clutter.

The result is an audience who knows you you are, but doesn't care. You're no longer remarkable.

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20 Ideas You Can Steal Right Now

I came across this video of my 2011 Keynote for the Western Association of Chamber Executives annual conference and thought it might be time to dust it off. It's a bit too much book report for the first bit. This talk is an attempt to give to others in the chamber of commerce industry permission to break things.

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Coming to Twin Falls, Boise, SFO, ATL, Edmonton and Branson

// Kyle Sexton is a marketing strategist and international speaker. His innovations have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, and his book REMEMBERSHIP: New Thinking for Tomorrow's Membership Organization is fueling transformations in membership organizations throughout North America.  He can be reached at 888.899.8374 or get his free resources at