Speaking of Kyle Sexton

"Business gurus and authors have extolled the importance of innovation as a central strategy for business success. During the time I had the pleasure of working with Kyle Sexton on national sales and marketing projects for the chamber of commerce industry, I was constantly impressed by his ability to identify problems and create viable solutions. Kyle is a sponge for good ideas that work.  He will find them or invent them. This kind of thinking is an invaluable asset in any kind of economic situation. The business owners and citizens of Salem are privileged to have someone like Kyle Sexton on their team. He is a winner in every definition of the word.”

Mike Varney, Tuscon Metro Chamber of Commerce


“The Chamber industry needs bright, young, progressive thinking and ambitious leaders for the future and Kyle personifies all of these traits. A great speaker, an innovator and a person always willing to work 25 hours a day to help anyone who seeks his advise, Kyle is #1.”

Joan Testa, Consultant, Texas


“I first met Kyle in early 2006 shortly after I joined the Chamber industry. That very first meeting exposed Kyle’s intellect and vision. Our first conversation focused on “the value of membership” and actually instigated a paradigm shift in how I viewed that value. Up until that moment Chamber membership was similar to a gym membership: it requires the member to participate to truly provide benefit. Kyle had a unique perception that membership should have value even if the member does nothing more than writes you a check. My perspective has since been altered and it has become the standard for which I measure the value of our membership at the Portland Business Alliance. Since that initial meeting I have had the privilege to interact with Kyle on many occasions and always find him to be a leader within the Chamber industry.”

Brian Willms, CEO, The West Chamber


"Kyle has been a superb consultant/speaker for both the Michigan Association of Chamber Professionals and the Council of State Chambers of Commerce. His knowledge of chambers of commerce and their members make him an invaluable resource to associations. He has been one of our highest rated and most personable speakers in both associations and his results speak themselves. I encourage other associations to contact Kyle as a resource or to contact me to get you in touch with Kyle. He's that good and you'll soon need to know someone that knows Kyle so that he'll come meet with your organization."

Bob Thomas, Michigan Chamber of Commerce


"Kyle and I served on a committee together for American Chamber of Commerce Executives for several years. Additionally, we co-facilitated a session at a national conference. Working with Kyle on that session and on other projects, has been both easy and enjoyable. He is willing to engage in conversations about the important topics that surround chamber/association/non-profit work (sales, retention and marketing), and as a result, has become a great resource for many in the industry."

Cheryl Smith, CultureSmith Consulting, Virginia


"Kyle has proven himself to be a leader in his profession. He is incredibly creative, a progressive thinker and willing to take risks. Kyle gets it. He sees what others can't, does what others are unwilling to. Not only would I recommend him, I look forward to working with him."

Drew Graham, Washington


Kyle Sexton takes marketing to the next level. Their processes for getting prospective members to notice your organization are second to none. Whenever I have a marketing question he is the first person I think to call...come to think of it, he is also the second person I think to call too. You should do the same. I have known and worked along side Kyle on several volunteer projects. He is amazingly talented, motivated and enthusiastic. I keep Kyle on speed dial because he is that kind of a resource.

Douglas Holman, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, California


“Kyle can consult and connect on more levels than anyone else in my network. His entrepreneurial spirit, ability to listen, and willingness to perceive and connect value through bridging relationships are second to none. I am fortunate to know him and certainly hold his opinions in high regard.”

AJ Nash, MBA, Banking & Finance Industry, Oregon


“Kyle is a master networker and has excellent marketing skills...seems I'm always hearing someone say they got the idea for this or that from Kyle. He's also been a huge part of the Salem Area Young Professionals and is an outstanding Chamber representative.”

Matt Boyington, Salem, Oregon


"When I am challenged with taking on a new direction I have three close advisers I can call to brainstorm. One of them is Kyle. He always helps me expand my original plan and see many more possibilities than I could have seen on my own. I do want to caution you however. You may not be able to keep up with the numerous ideas and strategies that pour forth once the energy is flowing. Thanks for helping me stay on the box and not in it Kyle!"

Scott Sadler, Entrepreneur & Business Coach


“Kyle is an excellent communicator, diplomat and negotiator. He has a talent of understanding your needs and working hard to ensure the positive outcome of any project. Kyle is a natural leader that will guide and motivate any team to success.”

Patrice Bey, Indianapolis, Indiana


“Creative, engaging and professional - Kyle is a terrific person and is easy to work with and always sharing ideas. He would be an asset to anyone who is focused on growth and results.”

Shawna Schuh, Schuh Biz Inc.


"Thank you for the great class session yesterday. My brain is still a bit on overload with all of the information, but the great thing is that I used some of what I learned from you this morning at our Chamber Breakfast!!! The really fabulous thing was that at least a dozen people, members and Board members, told me that this was the best Breakfast program that we have ever had.  We have never had so many people cheering, not just clapping, but cheering, for every new Chamber member that I introduced.  There was so much fun and energy in the room, and they were telling people who didn’t come to the breakfast that they missed out!"

Deborah Sierra, Membership Relations Manager, Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce


“Kyle has proven to be a valuable resource when it comes to marketing and communications strategies both as a colleague in the Chamber industry and via his many dynamic presentations at Chamber conferences such as WACE and OSCC. His creative out-of-the box ideas coupled with his dedication and passion for his work make Kyle a tremendous asset to his fellow Chamber professionals and especially to the Salem Chamber and the community and members it serves.”

Robin Davidson, former Vice President, Communications, The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County


“Kyle is one of the brightest marketing minds around. He is funny, articulate, and seems to be able to offer something of value to everyone he meets. He is committed to the success of the chamber and its members. Thanks Kyle for all the good ideas - we appreciate you.”

Tim Fahndrich, Third River Marketing


“I met Kyle at an ACCE conference. I was contemplating going to a tiered membership system and Kyle seemed to be the "guru" of membership tiers! Well, he was that and more. An absolute powerhouse of information. Kyle helped me work through some of the issues I was facing and I have since managed to put together what has so far been a very successful new tiered membership system. Kyle has a fresh approach to the chamber business and tells it like it is. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for advice, a great consultant or presenter and by the way, he sings pretty good too!”

Phyllis Snodgrass, Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce


“Kyle is a great marketing mind and a funny guy to boot. He has great energy and his enthusiasm for new opportunities is contagious. Kyle's dedication to making the Salem market better for local business is fierce and he understands aspects of business beyond just getting people in your door.”

Janet Henry, Oregon


“Kyle is a leader in the Chamber world with a great understanding of the membership development process. His ideas cut across most non-profit organizations and his model has proved to be very successful.”

Tim Giuliani, Florida Chamber of Commerce


"Kyle is the kind of person that you know is going places. Be careful if you ask him to participate in a project because you better hold your hat. Kyle sets and achieves big goals. Fast. If you want your organization to excel, call Kyle."

Frank Kenny, Speaker & Consultant, Washington


"I had developed a draft of a Tiered Membership Dues Structure for our Chamber of Commerce, then I heard Kyle speak at our state executive association conference and went home and completely started over on our approach. I wish I would have consulted with before I started; it would have saved me hours of work. I can't imagine anyone in the chamber industry more knowledgeable about Tiered Dues Structures than Kyle. He is a tremendous resource."

Carlin Smith, Michigan


I really like this one.  I know I put it last, but someone's had to be last.  I mean, you don't have all day, right?  Anyway, I like this one from Joe...

“Kyle's creative and professional approach to sales and marketing truly impressed upon us the importance to work with Kyle. Kyle took a clever approach to getting to know us better by interviewing us for a podcast series. Kyle is very polite and pleasant to work with, which made us very comfortable with Kyle's media savvy interview style and his ability to probe and capture the moment like a director on a movie set. You should discover the possibilities of taking your organization to the next level by partnering with Kyle.”

Joe Cozart, Sr. CAM, Principal, OpX Group, Inc.