REMEMBERSHIP - New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations

In the five years since first publishing REMEMBERSHIP, I've been working with chambers and associations across North America, implementing effective new tools and strategies that help boards and executives make better decisions about their future. 

The second edition is shipping now. The ideas in this book are important for membership organizations, membership development professionals, and their board members. The tools I've added in this edition are critical to the strategic direction of your team. 

In 2014, I launched a new tool, and it's big: six feet by four feet, to be exact. It's a giant interactive canvas to help you understand your organization better. It's a result of all the membership workshops I've done at annual board retreats. I can't wait to share it with you

Remembership // Volume Pricing

REMEMBERSHIP [Paperback] Effective March, 2016

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Audible - Coming March 2017

MP3 Download: $15.00 - Available March 2017

Resources and exercises from the book

You're reading the book, and it's brought you here for more resources, exercises and information.  Here you go!

1. Evaluate each of your regularly scheduled events and programs to determine whether they are networking (meeting new people) or network development (building relationships).  If it's network development, stop calling it networking.  Page 19

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