Resources and exercises from the book

You're reading the book, and it's brought you here for more resources, exercises and information.  Here you go!

1. Evaluate each of your regularly scheduled events and programs to determine whether they are networking (meeting new people) or network development (building relationships).  If it's network development, stop calling it networking.  Page 19

2. Find your cost-per-member benchmark.  This is what it costs you to do what you do for each member annually.  Total revenue minus any grants or government contracts divided by the number of members equals your cost-per-member.  (Some experts recommend removing all program revenue, as well.  I leave it in under the assumption that your programs fit your mission and function.)  Page 59

3. Download a worksheet at to help you turn your memberships into quantified values.  (Tutorial video is here.)  Page 65

4. Look at your canceled memberships.  Go into records for the last three to five years to find the zip codes, employee counts, dues amounts, membership longevity and total purchases.  If you filter your data for any of these features, you'll find some valuable information.  Page 66

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